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Easter 2010

This was taken Palm Sunday, 2010 at St Augustine Church, Eagle Park, Ossining NY. There was smoke on the water.


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Storm Aftermath

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Deer in Yonkers

A herd of 8 deer on Broadway in Yonkers. Amazing.

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Winter Storm of 2010

It was a Tree-Killer.

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Although the condition were less than ideal,  you can’t deny the beauty of the Hudson from Grand Street in Croton on Hudson. We take this beauty for granted.

Hudson River from Grand Street, Croton

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This was a Cub Scout outing. 

Swan Lake

Tiny Turtle

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In the Summer of 2006, a very rare tornado touched down in Central Westchester, hitting parts of the Rockefeller Estate in Pocantico Hills, not far from my home. The only damage was to a heavily wooded area. The power of the twister must have been awesome. Seeing the aftermath in person left me speechless. It was as if Godzilla had ravaged the area; places that were previously solidly green were now open sky.  

I recall another one hit the same day in nearby Hawthorne, inflicting similar damage to trees along Route 9A. 







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