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St Patrick’s Day Reunion

My friend Sharon, a fellow co-worker when I was a bartender. 100% Irish, and I ran into her on St Patrick’s Day at the Garth Road Inn.


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They do it in my neighborhood every Christmas Eve, and it is stunning.

More commentary here.

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Morning Snow

The wonder of it all.

Morning Snow

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Whilst looking for a place to copy keys for a new listing, I found this view and had to snap a few photos. It was gray and overcast, I can only imagine the beauty at night or on a sunny day.

View of Manhattan from Astoria, Queens

Self Portrait

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Flushing, NY

This is a view of main Street in Flushing, New York in the great borough of Queens.

Main Street Flushing New York

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You hear stories of entire houses being moved, but how often do you actually see it happen?

House Moving

House Moving2

House Moving 3

– J. Philip Faranda

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If you have driven on Central Park Avenue you’ll know this building. The Eurpean Health Spa (more info here) has been derelict for quite a long time- perhaps decades. It was an active gym at one time, and the flying saucer architecture with Atlas in front  gained it some notoriety. However, gyms come and go, and perhaps the pricey location precluded anyone from reopening the place. It has fallen into neglect and overgrowth; graffiti covers the base, and you can see things hanging through the tinted glass that may indicate the ceiling has been breached by water or abandoned construction. 

While I was taking photos a passerby asked if it was finally sold. I told him that while I was in real estate, I was photgraphing it for pleasure. We both expressed what a long time it had been, and what a waste of both a remarkable building and prime property. 

If I had the money…

European Spa 1European Spa2

Vew from Central Park Avenue

View from Central Park Avenue


-J. Philip Faranda

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